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Our work focuses on a few basic concepts:

  • Creating an environment where nurses can perform at their best improves nurse recruitment, retention and patient safety
  • Leaders and managers are more effective when they build strong relationships with their health care staff
  • High-performance teams with nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals raise productivity and reduce health care costs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Smart Nursing ease the nursing shortage?
Smart Nursing programs improve nurse recruitment and retention by focusing on the six building blocks of Smart Nursing: Respect, Simplicity, Flexibility, Integrity, Professional Culture, and Communication. These building blocks provide a foundation for health care staff to improve patient safety, staff productivity, and teamwork. Nurses and managers are already working as hard as they can. The solution to the nursing shortage is not to ask, nor expect, nurses to work faster; rather, we must enable them to work smarter, by removing obstacles that interfere with their productivity.

What value does Smart Nursing bring to healthcare organizations?
In short, the dollar difference between the present level of nurse productivity and a nurse's full professional capacity is the potential cost savings that Smart Nursing offers. Smart Nursing encourages clinical nurses and managers to work together using conceptual, communication, and leadership approaches.

Smart Nursing is a system of strategies that enable nurses to use their full professional capacity to deliver safe patient care in a variety of clinical settings; at the same time, it empowers managers to work with staff more effectively. Indeed, the wisdom behind these strategies is that they blend healthcare knowledge with business expertise. More than helping nurses to maximize the “nursing process” with commitment, competence, and compassion, the Smart Nursing strategies also address the bottom line for managers.

Organizations often justify their treatment of nurses by suggesting that financial constraints are forcing their actions, but research and experiential data show the opposite. Data from the Advisory Board, Washington, DC suggests that a 300-bed hospital can save $500,000 a year by cutting its nurse turnover by a mere 3 percent. Our programs increase your staff’s emotional intelligence and your organization’s intellectual capital.

Explain how to contact you about working with my organization.
Call me at (888) 844-8004 (toll free) or send an e-mail to If I am with a client the day that you call, leave a message with your name, phone number and contact information. I will schedule a free telephone consultation, and together we will determine the best way to achieve your goals.

What services besides public speaking does Smart Healthcare LLC offer?

  1. Consulting services: We help organizations to raise their profitability by providing in-depth information related to healthcare management, healthcare strategy, financial analysis, leadership strategic planning, and health care trends. Perhaps our programs can increase the effectiveness of your next health care leadership retreat.
  2. Psychiatric nursing services: June Fabre is certified in psychiatric nursing, and has been a psychiatric nurse for over 15 years. She has designed de-escalation education programs that reduce the use of patient restraint and seclusion. These programs also teach effective communication with difficult people.
  3. Coaching: Build the expertise of your managers, charge nurses, supervisors and other staff with coaching.
  4. Writing services: June is an experienced writer. She will edit your articles or she will write articles and newsletters for you.

How do you assess the education needs of health care organizations?
We interview clinical staff and managers, conduct focus groups, and use valid and reliable assessment tools such as the DISC Personal Profile System ®, the Dimensions of Leadership Profile ®, and the 360-degree organizational assessment profile. Clients can choose whether to use these assessment tools on-line or on paper. Written reports are included with all of the assessments.

Who benefits from Smart Nursing?
Hospitals, professional organizations, home health agencies, long term care facilities, managed care organizations, psychiatric hospitals, and other health care organizations benefit from Smart Nursing strategies. June Fabre provides customized keynote speeches, motivational speeches, workshops, seminars and training focused on healthcare challenges such as patient safety, nurse staffing, communication, empowerment, critical thinking, and high performance teams. Clinical nurses, managers, supervisors, chief nurses, vice presidents of patient care, CEOs, and trustees all benefit from Smart Nursing.

Excerpts from Smart Nursing
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“Implementing Smart Nursing concepts will result in energy enhancing experiences for your nurses and better care for your patients.”

Susan Keane Baker, Author, Managing Patient Expectations

“Wise and warm at the same time, Smart Nursing, will be useful to nurse leaders of all types and at all levels.”

Sean Clarke, RN, PhD, CRNP, Associate Director, Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

“Every nurse should read this book.”

Margaret A. Fitzgerald, MS, ARNP, BC, FAANP President, Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc., FNP, Adjunct Faculty, family Practice Residency, Greater Lawrence (MA) Family Health Center, Inc.

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